Vacations at My Dad´s Beautiful Condo in Costa Rica

ALM WSI - lunes, junio 26, 2017

A few days ago I finished my college classes. I had decided to take a gap year before I begin my major. My parents invited me to stay a few days at their Condo in Costa Rica. Well, here I am with my friend Susan. So far, it has been a very fun experience. We have always been fond of the ocean, and the best part is the apartment is close to Jacó beach.

My dad says it was easy to fall in love with his condominium. My parents decide to invest in this project for the following reasons:

    • Enjoying an apartment close to the beaches around Jacó, feeling the breeze, and have a spectacular ocean view when you step onto balcony.
    • Living in this condo in Costa Rica gives the privilege of being surrounded by an ecological reserve and endless vegetation.
    • Have easy access to restaurants, shops, bars, and nightclubs near the condominium.
    • JacóBay Premium Towers has private security and 24 hour surveillance system.
    • You will have full access to activities such as fishing, sailing, and water sports in one of the main surfing areas of the country.
    • Jacoó beach is located just a few steps from the condominium development.
    • The apartments also have one of the largest free shape swimming pools in Costa Rica.
    • JacóBay Premium Towers condominiums have gardens, children's area, club house, restaurants and a Jacuzzi.
    • Easy access to airports and bus stations nearby.
    • Best of all, is possible to rent the condo when not in the country and make profit out of your Real Estate investment.

Best Time to Invest in a Condo in Costa Rica 

JacóBay Premium Residential Condominium is a two 10-story tower complex built within a gated residential complex. The condos are just minutes away from Jacó Beach, Costa Rica neighborhood, bordered by a nature reserve and mangrove forest with easy access to restaurants, shops, night life, and services.

If you are interested in Real Estate investment abroad, consider buying a condo in Costa Rica: like living in paradise, feel free to contact us or call our sales agents at +506 6060-6076 in Jacó, Costa Rica. Today is the best time to invest!