Benefits of Buying a Costa Rica Condo for Sale

ALM WSI - lunes, julio 24, 2017

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and popular places in the world for expats and retirees looking to relocate. Canadians and Americans, as well as people from around the world, are often looking to escape the cold winters and move to other countries such as Costa Rica.


You may be wondering why this amazing place in Central America is attracting so many people? Well, besides the stunning nature that surrounds the area, the climate, and its people, Real Estate investment abroad in Costa Rica is a huge opportunity and profitable business Industry.


JacóBay Premium


JacóBay Premium Residential Condominium is a two 10-story tower complex built within a gated residential complex. The condos are within minutes of the beach in a quiet Jacó Beach Costa Rican neighborhood that is bordered by a nature reserve and mangrove forest, with easy access to restaurants, shops, night life, and services.


If you like to know about other reasons to invest in a condo for sale at JacóBay Condominium, here are few more:   

Inside the condominium complex there is a clubhouse with bar and restaurant. If you decide to go out for dinner or lunch, the town of Jacó has dozens of nearby places to choose from including, wine bars, sandwich shops, restaurants, clubs, and much more.

    • The maintenance fees are low, and the complex and surrounding areas are properly maintained all year round.
The condos are surrounded by forests, and have many nearby beaches like Blanca Beach, Mantas Beach, Hermosa Beach, and others.

    • All condos are within the gated community and include 24-hour security and CCTV cameras.

    • Household pets are always welcome.

    • Investing in one of these condos in Costa Rica potentially gives you a monthly return if you decide to rent your condo when you are not there.

    • You can swim in the warm Pacific waters or enjoy daily walks by the beach.

    • Also, Jacó is visited every year by international surfers, and competitions are held every year.

    • There are plenty of activities to enjoy such a scuba diving, fishing, sea kayaking, and boat cruises.


Investing in a Condo for Sale in Costa Rica


If you are interested in investing in a condo in Costa Rica, feel free to contact us or call our sales agents at +506 6060-6076 in Jacó, Costa Rica. We have only a few properties left!

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