Why I invested in a condo in Costa Rica?

Jacobay Premium - viernes, abril 07, 2017

Enjoying the retirement in a peaceful place surrounded by natural beauty could be the dream for any foreigner. Specially, when the hustle and bustle of work environment, and the stress that it causes, were part of the routine for several years.

A surf lover, who already visited Jacó Beach (or heard about this surf paradise), would find irresistible to invest in a JacóBay Premium Towers condo as a retirement place – located just a few steps from the beach, at the rapidly-growing town of Jacó.

JacóBay Premium Towers is in the heart of a well-known “Surfing Paradise”. The condo is an excellent opportunity for those who are looking to invest in a safe place, away from hustle and bustle of the city, but still being close. The luxury apartments of this residential complex have distributions ranging from 119 m² (1,280 ft²) to 260 m² (2,799 ft²). In addition, the site has 24/7 security and a large swimming pool, among other amenities.

This tourist city located in the Central Pacific has a wide range of attractions and amenities for the enjoyment of all its residents: more than 100 restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, grocery stores and variety of water activities; not to mention the nearby and diverse natural attractions like the Carara Biological Reserve, the Punta Leona Wildlife Refuge and the Manuel Antonio National Park.

This complex has the lowest prices in the area, starting at $1,212 / m², compared to average of $1.600 / m². Furthermore, it has low HOA and maintenance fees.

Investing in your own apartment is an investment in quality of life.

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